Welcome to Mount Athos Area!

Mount Athos Area Organisation welcomes you to the place of a thousand colors and rotations! The place that nullifies the distance between the wonders of nature! Three hundred (300) kilometers of coastline (the biggest in Halkidiki), numerous beaches, bays, little islands, crystal-clear blue water, golden plains, luscious green mountains, all wisely placed and harmonious!

Welcome to Mount Athos Area!

Mount Athos Area Organisation was founded in early 2010 at the initiative of representatives of the hotel and tourism family, from the third peninsula of Hakidiki, aiming to the touristic, cultural, financial enhancement/promotion of this area.

Basic goals of the Organisation are:

  • the adjustment of the destination’s promotion based on the findings arising from the study of all trends developed in the tourism market
  • the promotion of the local products to the European markets and the entrance of destination through its products
  • the promotion of the local real estate, and
  • the design-implementation of the plan so as to adjust them, having as aim the upgrade of the offered tourism product and to strengthen the tourism character of Athos area.


Welcome to Mount Athos Area!

Apart from the promotion and the potential of the destination that provides to Greek and the European world, among other targets that involve the establishment of such an organisation are:

  •  its participation to national and community (co-funded) programs

These actions that the Organisation developed during its operation are being characterised by quality, professionalism, and of specific targets:

  • Participation in international tourism fairs and tourism, gastronomy, promotion of local products road shows,
  • Invite, contact and cooperate with tourism agents and press representatives,
  • Brotherhoods with relevant agencies and organisations so as to strengthem relationships and actions,
  • Promotional events to European cities and capitals with local products,
  • Journalism tributes,
  • Invite and contact with special groups (Consular corps)

The results are already obvious, measurable and very promising!


  • See all the activities of Mount Athos Area at the official page:  www.mountathosarea.org activities 

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